1 cat

£11.00 (2020 -£12.00)
 2 cats
same family, sharing a double pen
£18.00 (2020 - £20.00)
 3 cats
same family, sharing a family pen
£25.00 (2020 - £27.00)
 4 cats
same family, sharing a family pen
£30.00 (2020 - £30.00)
 5 cats
same family, sharing a family pen
£35.00 (2020 - £35.00)
 6 cats or more
please call for a quote
A discount will apply for stays of 30 continuous days or more.
The daily charge applies to the days of arrival and departure. There is a minimum charge equivalent to 4 days.
Payment by cash or cheque is payable on the day of arrival with a 20% deposit required to secure your booking.
Charges are fully inclusive of heating, food (except for special diets which should be supplied by the customer), grooming (customer's own brushes to be supplied), insurance and administration of oral medicines.
Viewings are welcome by appointment. Please feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements.
OPENING HOURS (by appointment):
9am - 10am 
5pm to 6pm
Closed Sunday afternoons for arrivals and departures 
The cattery will be closed for arrivals and departures on Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Day.
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